Checklist Card - (CH1) Shadows over Innistrad [Shadows over Innistrad Tokens]

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Set: Shadows over Innistrad Tokens
Type: Card
(You can mark this card to represent a double-faced card in your library or hand.) ☐ Avacynian Missionaries {3}{W} ☐ Pious Evangel {2}{W} ☐ Town Gossipmonger {W} ☐ Aberrant Researcher {3}{U} ☐ Daring Sleuth {1}{U} ☐ Uninvited Geist {2}{U} ☐ Accursed Witch {3}{B} ☐ Heir of Falkenrath {1}{B} ☐ Kindly Stranger {2}{B} ☐ Breakneck Rider {1}{R}{R} ☐ Convicted Killer {2}{R} ☐ Gatstaf Arsonists {4}{R} ☐ Kessig Forgemaster {1}{R} ☐ Skin Invasion {1}{R} ☐ Village Messenger {R} ☐ Autumnal Gloom {2}{G} ☐ Duskwatch Recruiter {1}{G} ☐ Hermit of the Natterknolls {2}{G} ☐ Hinterland Logger {1}{G} ☐ Lambholt Pacifist {1}{G} ☐ Solitary Hunter {3}{G} ☐ Harvest Hand {3} ☐ Neglected Heirloom {1} ☐ Thraben Gargoyle {1}

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