WOTC has given us our first look at the next Standard Magic the Gathering set, 'Strixhaven: School of Mages' !

Strixhaven is based around Will and Rowan Kenrith as they explore the five different colleges of the multiverse's premiere magic school. Each of the colleges is represented with a different two-color pairing, and has their own identity and philosophy. A more playful version of the guilds it seems. 

The five colleges are:
1. Lorehold, white/red, focused on adventuring and archaeology

2. Prismari, red/blue performing arts-esque school

3. Quandrix, blue/green magical mathematics college

4. Silverquill, black/white on the magic of wit and words 

5. Witherbloom, green/black the "gothic" bio majors

Strixhaven looks to be shaping up to be a fun new flavor for mtg. From the fresh aesthetics and the anticipated quirkiness the new lore that it is bound to bring. 

What colleges are you most excited to draft on April 16th?! Will we be seeing another 5 color pair in the future?  

Until then we will just have to wait for more spoiler I guess! :)